Welcome to Brixton

The Story So Far

Quinn, Sernier, Antimirth, Mickie, Faramir, and Rovanion were hired by Lord Stanwick to guard the personal effects of his recently deceased uncle Lord Balthazar as they were delivered in a caravan from his country manor to Lord Stanwick’s home in Brixton, the country manor being recently sold to pay off debts.

The party was attacked on the road, and a certain painting was nearly stolen. Then, shortly after entering Brixton proper a shifty gang attempted to buy it, and when the party refused, they were again attacked. When they reached Lord Stanwick’s home, it was under attack: the party drove off the attackers, but his painting was stolen.

The next day, during the annual Brixton Festival Games, Rovanion, Faramir, and Mickie worked the crowd during Overlord Grinstead’s speech congratulating the games’ victors for information and (in Mickie’s case) operating funds. Faramir and Rovanion talked their way into the company of the Lords’ servants, While Mickie discovered better uses for some of the victors’ rewards. From their position above the crowd, they observed an artist painting on the balcony of an inn overlooking the crowd and Overlord Grinstead. He seemed to be using a spyglass to observe the Overlord. They moved to the inn to investigate, only to be attacked as they moved up to the artist’s room. After dispatching the guards, they chased down the fleeing artist, and brought him back to Lord Stanwick’s manor for questioning: he had been painting Overlord Grinstead over the magical painting of the late Lord Balthazar that was stolen from Lord Stanwick.

The old man was eventually persuaded to talk, revealing the location of a base of operations of a group the party later learned was intent on killing Overlord Grinstead. Their plan was that since he was attempting to outlaw slavery, against strong opposition from many of the Lords, his assassination would drive the slaves to revolt and overthrow the slavery-based economy. After crawling their way through a warehouse filled with traps and frenzied rats, the party stole into their underground sanctum, defeated the leader’s summoned elemental minions, and killed him, ending the misguided conspiracy.



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