Woes of the Brixton Guard
Mickie, Velius, and Rovanion returned to Brixton and collected their pay, only to find Overlord Grinstead embroiled in a fierce political battle with several powerful city lords over his new plan to change the slavery laws, decreasing the number of years of required service before becoming a Freedman. Several of the lords staged a walkout of the council, followed by uproar among the Freedmen and the favored businessmen in the lords’ pockets. Overlord Grinstead withdrew to his manor, and recalled a large number of guardsmen there to discourage any potential thoughts of a military coup. As a result, many mercenaries were hired to supplement the guards on the outer walls, including Mickie, Velius, and the Artificer Geno.

Late at night a commotion was heard down below the wall on the docks, as a black ship was being blown towards the Peasants’ Docks by the storm. Seemingly abandoned, the wind was blowing it straight toward the docks, which it would crash into, killing many, and destroying many homes and a major Freedmen marketplace. The party convinced several townspeople and a soldier to accompany them as they bravely commandeered a small sailboat and rowed out to meet the oncoming storm and the abandoned shop, to crash into it, forcing it to turn away from the docks. The party climbed aboard the ship with grappling hooks, just as the townsfolk steered the sailboat and leapt off (after trowing crates into the water to help them swim back to the docks).

Before the part was given a chance to man the helm and further turn the boat, a swarm of ghouls and zombies climbed out of the hold and attacked. The party bravely fought them back and pushed them back into the hold, then destroyed them one by one as they tried to climb free, but two ghouls had jumped overboard and swam after the men in the water. They easily dispatched the swimming townsfolk.

The party managed to crash the ship into another boat, damaging it beyond repair, but stopping the unmanned ship completely, without any additional loss of life, or destruction of the docks or markets. Unfortunately, the soldiers had opened the gates to allow Freedmen fleeing the docks inside the Freedmens’ slums, and one of the Ghouls escaped the soldiers and fled inside. The party was commended by the captain of the guard, and the members were given 200 gold pieces each, but many of the guards whisper of the danger in the slums. Any person killed and feasted upon by the ghoul will rise as a ghoul at the next sundown. An epidemic might spread with incredible speed. The captain dispatched a hunting party immediately, but they have yet to find the escaped ghoul.

Mountain Expedition
Players: Mickie, Velius, Faramir, Rovanion. The party traveled into the mountians near Brixton to check on an old Dwarven Monestary that had been inhabited by some escaped Dwarven slaves that were being unofficially paid by Overlord Grinstead to monitor a series of tunnels of great strategic importance to the city.

The party found that a mysterious band had overrun the Monestary, and intended to use the nexus of tunnels to gain easy access to the wealthy heart of Brixton. The party fought their way into the heart of the nexus, and opened the valves to a water system, flooding the tunnels with scalding water from a volcanic hot spring, then escaping, leaving the mercenaries to burn and drown.

Welcome to Brixton
The Story So Far
Quinn, Sernier, Antimirth, Mickie, Faramir, and Rovanion were hired by Lord Stanwick to guard the personal effects of his recently deceased uncle Lord Balthazar as they were delivered in a caravan from his country manor to Lord Stanwick’s home in Brixton, the country manor being recently sold to pay off debts.

The party was attacked on the road, and a certain painting was nearly stolen. Then, shortly after entering Brixton proper a shifty gang attempted to buy it, and when the party refused, they were again attacked. When they reached Lord Stanwick’s home, it was under attack: the party drove off the attackers, but his painting was stolen.

The next day, during the annual Brixton Festival Games, Rovanion, Faramir, and Mickie worked the crowd during Overlord Grinstead’s speech congratulating the games’ victors for information and (in Mickie’s case) operating funds. Faramir and Rovanion talked their way into the company of the Lords’ servants, While Mickie discovered better uses for some of the victors’ rewards. From their position above the crowd, they observed an artist painting on the balcony of an inn overlooking the crowd and Overlord Grinstead. He seemed to be using a spyglass to observe the Overlord. They moved to the inn to investigate, only to be attacked as they moved up to the artist’s room. After dispatching the guards, they chased down the fleeing artist, and brought him back to Lord Stanwick’s manor for questioning: he had been painting Overlord Grinstead over the magical painting of the late Lord Balthazar that was stolen from Lord Stanwick.

The old man was eventually persuaded to talk, revealing the location of a base of operations of a group the party later learned was intent on killing Overlord Grinstead. Their plan was that since he was attempting to outlaw slavery, against strong opposition from many of the Lords, his assassination would drive the slaves to revolt and overthrow the slavery-based economy. After crawling their way through a warehouse filled with traps and frenzied rats, the party stole into their underground sanctum, defeated the leader’s summoned elemental minions, and killed him, ending the misguided conspiracy.


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