Lord Stanwick

Lesser Noble of Brixton

Lord Stanwick is a lesser noble that owns a small manor in Brixton.

He is the owner of two magical paintings that can be used for communication: one of them is a painting portraying a bust of the late Lord Balthazar (Lord Stanwick’s recently deceased uncle) and it accurately shows him in a lifelike fashion at all times (in this case, his current state of rot).

The other painting was stolen by an anti-slavery cult, and had the bust of Overlord Grinstead painted over it. They intended to use this link to use spoken magic spells to assassinate him, for the purpose of triggering a slave revolt, since it is common knowledge that he intends to outlaw slavery. The cult was thwarted and the painting recovered by a brave team of adventurers: Mickie, Faramir, and Rovanion.

Lord Stanwick

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